When you have a business and a social media presence, it only makes sense to meld the two together. This is a challenging feat for some people, as they may not know where to begin or how to have everything on the same page. Integrating your social media presence may be a confusing thing to do at first, but after reading this article you will be a pro.

Be Creative

Part of the problem creators and business owners face is they only post links to get traffic to their businesses. Instead, spend time creating interesting content that will draw more people in. Using your social media presence to gain revenue is a way of marketing. For regular marketing, you wouldn’t just say “Buy this, please. Thanks,” would you? The answer is no. You would spend time and money to catch the customers attention. When it comes to social media, you must do the same. Being creative could mean interesting graphics, thought provoking statistics, or even just an inside look at your company.

Promote Your Social Media

The people who follow you on Twitter will not be the same people who follow you on Facebook or Instagram, but they can be. If you don’t promote your other platforms, then people won’t know they exist. Occasionally promoting your Twitter handle on Facebook or sharing an image from your Instagram on Snapchat will greatly enhance the chance for you to gain more followers. And on every social media platform, you have a link to articles, pictures, or other media from your business’s website. This marketing strategy is a gold mine since it’s free and easy for people to scroll and click.

Make an Impact

This goes hand in hand with being creative. A huge part of social media is the content that sparks discussions between thousands of people around the world. Every business has a mission statement. Take yours a spark up an interesting conversation on your social media that will have people wanting to learn more about your company.

Stand out from the Competition

Make sure to stand out from your competition and really focus on your customer base. Create polls and quizzes for them to be included in on decisions and give their input. You can also post little pieces of information or link to different articles sharing your thoughts. Take it a step further and host live streams on your social media where you will answer all your follower’s questions and provide insight into what makes your company special.

Integrating your social media presence is something many struggles with. To do it like a pro, remember to be creative, promote your social media across all platforms, make an impact, and understand how to stand out from the competition. Using these simple tips will gain you more followers and customers for your business. PGN Agency is the leader in business marketing and we know how to combine businesses with social media like the back of our hand. For personalized help, call (248) 414-6860.