Today’s customers expect marketing with creative content. Meeting these demands requires extensive knowledge of how your target audience thinks, which includes knowing what they want and how to entertain them. Remember, your audience will only stay if they have something to gain. Today visual, temporary, and involved marketing is the most effective.

Keep It Visual

Words are important, but they need to tie to images. The more your image can tell your readers, the better. Keep in mind that your audience is busy, and the internet promotes short, creative content. Your marketing plan needs to reflect that. Avoid large blocks of text, and make each line pop. Although all of your content should serve your ultimate marketing goal, it’s a good idea to have the words serve the image or video, rather than vice versa. Customers will typically only read written content if they’re interested in the visual media you use. Overused or cliché shots have just as much of a chance of turning off readers. So, it’s important to dedicate a fair amount of time to not just image creation, but image refinement.

Surprising Marketing is Memorable Marketing

Attention spans are shorter than ever, but even now, people like to be jerked out of the day-to-day slog by a nice surprise. Pop-up cafes, bars, and other small, temporary venues are on the rise. They’re popular not only because they offer a break from the regular, but because they must be seized in the moment or lost forever. Apps like Snapchat have changed how users view the permeability of media content. The Internet can immortalize anything, but these new products seek to add immediacy back into users’ lives.

Short events have a much higher chance of being shared organically through social media, which is always a bonus. They also create a cognitive link between your product and immediacy. This encourages customers to take action now rather than later. This type of advertising is essentially the child of online phenomena, and it aims to play back into social media culture, but it is a physical, tangible event. It really is the best of both worlds.

Creative Content Should Involve the Viewer

Audiences like the opportunity to interact. Even if they don’t always take those opportunities, they enjoy having options. Interactive measures could include anything from the names Coke so successfully used on their bottles to online, pop culture experiences. These invitations give viewers a personal connection to your product. However, the audience isn’t pressured to participate. If they want to buy a drink with their name on it, they’re free to hunt through convenience stores. If they just want a drink, they aren’t required to show ID to prove the bottle has their name.

Every successful marketing campaign looks different because no target audience is exactly the same. To create the best creative content for your customer base, check out PGN Agency’s services. This advanced marketing firm understands how to tap into customer desires and get the most from every type of campaign. To learn more, call (248) 414-6860.