The Digital Age provides instant information with a simple tap of a button and allows connections to be made in remote areas of the world. Smartphones and tablets are in the hands of preschoolers learning their ABC’s and grandparents looking at their grandchild’s dance recital. Many school textbooks are now in tablet form and movie tickets are a thing of the past. However, it is this development that shows why print is still so important.

Print Provides Tangibles

In a world full of images and computer screens, it is important to have visible reminders that are held in your hand or stay in plain sight. When your dishwasher is leaking water all over your kitchen you don’t have time to search the web. Instead of looking for an email, you grab a business card and give that repairman a call. Mailing advertisements brings part of the business right in the hand of the consumer. There is a human connection made by a simple piece of paper. Tangible reminders are a must.

Print is Convenient

Even though there are restaurants using digital ways to pay for your bill, being able to hold the menu and look at the dinner options just works. Physically being able to browse through the weekly ad at the grocery store is more convenient than flipping through your phone. Time is money, it matters everywhere. If you are quickly giving your child a few dollars for lunch, it is more convenient to give them cash than sending them off with the debit card. It just makes sense.

Print Compliments the Digital Age

It isn’t an either/or concept, but a both a both/and. They work well together. The images that are dispersed through digital media find their home in their print copies. The ad you viewed on your smartphone now sits on your kitchen counter in the day’s mail. You feel less overwhelmed by the number of choices in front of you and your decision becomes easier. Even though there are digital versions of almost everything, it can be too much. Often, you come away on overload. Print helps find your way back and be the personal connection in a digital world.

Progress is always built upon a constant. The constant for the digital age is print.
It is a staple in our daily lives from paying bills, reading books, or sending birthday cards. Although there are many digital mediums available, print is a vital necessity in the wholeness of the communication world. Be willing to collaborate the digital age and print. In this growing digital world, print is a classic and necessary medium. PGN Agency has over 30 years of experience producing successful, multi-media marketing and advertising campaigns for our clients. See how PGN Agency can help you meet and succeed your marketing and advertising goals by contacting us today at 248-414-6860.