Website Anything

2014 is here and almost everyone has some kind of online presence through a website. But, is your presence the right type and amount for your business? What good is your website doing you anyway? Most websites, over 90%, do very little to help with business.

To get the most value out of your website, it’s important to consider how much money, time, energy and effort you want to spend on the site. Don’t spend a dime – zero, nothing, until you clearly understand what it is that you are expecting to get from your site. Stop and clearly think of your goals. In the last 30 years of marketing, this has been the biggest barrier to success. If you as the client can’t define your wants and needs, how can your web team ever reach your goals?

Make your purpose and value offer your first question. Ask yourself, “What are you? Why are you? Who are you? What is your unique value position?” If you can’t clearly answer these questions, don’t spend a dime on developing a website until you have the answers. From there, establish what your message is or what it needs to be. Determine what you expect from your website and what role you want it to play in your future. If this is something you can’t answer, look at your competitor and see how they address the same questions.

Don’t expect success without first having a solid marketing plan. Remember, all good websites start with good marketing!

Where did you start?