At PGN, our number one priority is the prosperity and growth of our clients. This is how we’ve run our company since we started business over 35 years ago, and in truth, it’s the secret to our success.

A few years ago, Motor City Harley-Davidson® contacted us asking if we had a solution to their low sales numbers through the long Midwestern winters. After analyzing their case, we decided that the best approach was to launch a promotion targeted at current Harley owners. Our team developed the Monster Motor Makeover® promotion, which offered customers an opportunity to win a $6,500 performance engine upgrade. With the new promotion, business roared to life with $137,000 in additional sales and service work. At the in-store contest, the business saw the largest customer turnout in the company’s history. While this is just one client, these success stories are the foundation of PGN.

A company’s beliefs have a large bearing on its success or failure, as well as how the company operates. These beliefs are a critical part of a company’s culture, which in turn serves as the heart and soul of the company. When you stop and think of a business as a group of people working together, this only makes sense– the beliefs and values of a group of people is going to determine what they do in the world and how they do it.

We could spend all day discussing why we believe client prosperity comes first. However, it really all comes down to one principle: we know what’s best for you is also what’s best for us. With over three decades of experience in marketing and advertising, we have a lot of experience with the industry. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that truly helping clients’ pays off.

When we significantly contribute to a clients’ success, we’re not just closing a business deal. We’re working to forge a lasting relationship, where we can continue to aid the business for years to come with our marketing expertise. When we boost a clients’ sales numbers, we are rewarded with a wonderful case study to show prospective clients in the future.

The only sustainable business model is the one that truly provides value to its clients, and ensures client satisfaction. The only way to achieve this is through consistently contributing to the prosperity of our clients. If you’re interested in PGN’s business model and client philosophy, reach out to us today. We’re excited to discuss what it could mean for your business!