It’s not hard to see that we’re a big fan of blogging here at PGN. As blogging enthusiasts, we thought we’d share some of our insights and ideas for writing blog posts that make an impact. If you’re going to spend the time and energy working on a blog, it’s worth doing it right, especially when as much as 95% of all blogs fail.

So how do you write blog posts that people will read and share? Here are a few ideas for getting started…

  1. Aim for readability, because people will skim your post. The internet has truly done a number on our attention spans. HubSpot reports that over 40% of people report to skimming blog posts. It may sound demoralizing, but it doesn’t have to be: just be sure to break up your post to make it digestible and inviting. A wall of text is more intimidating and likely to turn off readers. Besides, bolded headlines, lists, and bullet points allow someone to skim the article while still getting the main points.
  2. Use images — they’re more than just eye candy. Images obviously dress up your posts, but did you know that your post is 94% more likely to be viewed when accompanied by a picture? Adding an image is a simple yet powerful way to boost the visibility of your post.
  3. Publish weekly if you can. Remember how we said the internet has diminished our attention spans? If you’re only posting monthly, there’s a good chance people will have forgotten about your blog by the time you post again. By publishing content weekly, you stay on your readers’ news feeds and fresh in their minds. If you can’t manage weekly, you should aim for publishing monthly at a bare minimum.
  4. Make content that really helps people. It seems like common sense, but all too often we get caught up in other aspects of marketing that we forget about the basics. But 94% of people who share a post do it because they think it will be helpful to their friends or followers. Making helpful content isn’t just about building karma, it’s about building a following.

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