Combining traditional and digital marketing techniquesWhile the digital space is ever-growing, traditional marketing remains just as relevant. From mobile searches to classic snail mail, the goal for marketing remains the same: reaching the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

By combining the following digital and traditional marketing techniques, you can do just that.

Be Intentional

There’s a reason some traditional marketing has stuck around: it works. While cold-calling may not be as popular as it once was, people still appreciate intentionality. In other words, humans like to feel special. 

Perhaps instead of giving prospects a call on their home phone, your digital marketing strategy can include sending a message through Instagram direct messages or automatic Facebook messages that generate a welcome after following your page. 

Run Ads — Everywhere

Remember reading magazines and sifting through the pages of ads? Great advertisements blend into the content, sometimes even getting mistaken as organic copy. 

Just like running ads in traditional magazines, you can generate ads for your business using beautiful displays that grab the reader’s eye. While print ads are often viewed and later thrown in the recycling bin, digital ads have a much longer shelf life, staying online much longer than paper does on the countertop.

Just like traditional advertising posts billboards on highways or in newspaper pages, you can take advantage of the digital space by running ads on social media platforms that your audience may be visiting. Where your audience is going online, your marketing should meet them there.

Remember to track and analyze your results. Social media and tools like Google Analytics make tracking results easy, as we can learn about the people who click on our links as well as how appealing our ads are to our audiences.

Use Live Events to Your Advantage

Add a digital component to in-person interactions with your brand. Sponsoring an event? Instead of just listing your name and logo, add a QR code, barcode or hashtag to engage your prospective audience. Use social media to generate a real-time scavenger hunt or contest during a physical event and announce the winner both online and in person.

Keep Mail Relevant 

The beauty of snail mail is that it continues to excite us. There’s nothing quite like getting a handwritten card or small package delivered to your doorstep. Physically holding an item that was created specifically for you makes you feel seen and unique. And, with mail becoming less popular, your mailed content has more of a chance to be seen and read.

However, using a traditional mailing campaign does not mean that mail has to be boring. Combine digital and traditional techniques by adding QR codes to your mailer that takes your prospective customer straight to your site. Or, maybe you want to lead them to a social media page or landing page that gives them a deal on a product. Our access to technology today breathes life into what was once simply a postcard or piece of paper.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing campaigns are an ever-evolving art. Technology is constantly updating and social media marketing algorithms continue to keep us on our toes. If you’re new to the digital marketing space, don’t be discouraged. 

While our advertising and media tools have grown and changed, people have remained the same. In all your marketing efforts, remember to focus on making people feel important and show them why they need your product to serve them and make their lives better.

At PGN, we’ve been using traditional and digital marketing for decades. Seriously — we’ve been around for nearly 40 years, so we’ve grown with the digital space and continue to keep up with current trends. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our team works side-by-side with our customers to create a plan that gets results.

Interested in working with our digital marketing team? Contact us today. We work hard to provide real results for real people.