When starting a new blog, it can be difficult to know which elements are the most important. For many, it’s intimidating to try and determine what things are a must and what items you can implement as you become more skilled at blogging. The elements of a blog range from voice to SEO, hyperlinks to CTA, and which buttons to use. You might be surprised to discover which elements of a blog are the most important when marketing your new product, service, or information.

It is overwhelming and intimidating to think that you need to incorporate all items in your first post to market yourself successfully. People only spend 10-20 seconds on a website before clicking back to search for another post. So, what can you do to get your blog noticed and the most time spent on your blog as possible?

While all the above aspects of a blog are important, it is best to focus on the three most important elements of a blog when starting out. Then, as you become skilled, you can add additional elements to your future blog posts. Let’s take a look at the three most important elements of your new blog.

A Compelling Headline

If your headline does not grab attention, then your potential audience will not click on the link to learn more. Grabbing the attention of consumers is hard. Items that will help in grabbing attention include uniqueness, problem solving, specifics, and implications of urgency. Unique content takes a specific spin on content that is already available to your customers. When it comes to problem-solving, think of a specific problem that your customers need solving. Tailor your blog to help solve their problems. To imply urgency and improve your marketing, indicate limited time offers, discount deals, countdown deals, and availability to a limited number of customers.

Talk to Your Audience

As an online business, you want to identify your niche and the specific individuals you want to help. You can’t help everyone and get attention online. There are too many blogs available for people to see and review and not enough time to do it in. Identify who you want to help, and be specific. For example, if your blog is for dog owners, you will not be able to gain enough ground to reach the top of the search engine optimization algorithms by targeting all dog owners. It would be more prudent for you to write a post that targets the specific needs of a particular breed of dog. In this way, you reach a specific audience and connect them and their needs.

Call to Action

Marketing your product, service, and information should be the most important reason that you run a blog for business. To increase your exposure, gain customers, and make sales, you must have a compelling Call to Action. What are the components of a Call to Action? Your Call to Action must grab the consumer’s attention, speak to their needs, and compels them to act.

To improve response to your online marketing with little to no cost, simply incorporate the above items into your blog posts. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of search engine optimization, PGN Agency is here to help. At PGN Agency, we employ experienced industry leaders. To get started with the verification process, call us today, at (248) 414-6860.