The way your website is designed can have an extremely negative or positive effect on potential customers. If it’s not streamlined or just too confusing, no one will want to learn more about your business. If you’re struggling to make your website stand out, read the five steps below to improve your website design.

Step One: Make a Plan

Redesigning your website without a plan often leads to a haphazard design that doesn’t flow. Start by devising a plan for your website. Write it down on paper, confer with your colleagues about what it should look like, and look at other websites to gain inspiration for your own. Decide what will be the first thing customers need to see on your website. All the extra tabs and links come after that. Once you have your vision, start designing. Today, simple, clean, and streamlined websites are most popular. You don’t need to add a bunch of designs to make it look good as that tends to cause the opposite effect.

Step Two: Triple Check your Spelling

Nothing puts off customers quite like bad spelling and grammar. It may seem like a small issue, but it is not. When a potential customer sees misspelled words, they tend to feel as if you did not care enough to fix it. This makes them feel uncomfortable in purchasing a product from you. If you don’t even care about your own website, why would you care about them as a customer? When redesigning your website, always check spelling and grammar. If you don’t feel confident in your grammar skills, there are free proofreading programs that can check these issues for you.

Step Three: Make the Home Page easily accessible

There are many popular websites out there that offer easy ways to get back to the home page no matter where you are on the site. A simple way of doing this is making your company logo or site banner clickable, and link it to the homepage. Make the logo or banner stand out so people know it is there at all times. When they are deep into your website, the last thing they want is to have no way of getting back to the home page. Your customers will be happier once you add this feature.

Step Four: Make Contact Information easy to find

When a customer wants to learn more before making a purchase, the contact information is one of the top things they look for. If your customers cannot find how to get in touch with you, this immediately drops your credibility as well as making it less likely they will make an order. Display your contact information prominently at the bottom of every page while redesigning your website. This way, customers know you’re not afraid of speaking to them and helping them with any issues that may arise.

Step Five: Create a clear CTA

Having a CTA (Call-to-action) that is clear and concise generates a lot more customers as well as leads. Not having a CTA is a big mistake. Create a simple CTA for people to create an account, or sign up for your newsletter. This creates more potential customers when they sign up since they will be learning more about your business, and passing it along to their friends.

These five steps to improve your website design are simple and easy to accomplish. Remember to make a plan before getting into the actual designing process. Always check your spelling and grammar, and create a clickable logo. Make sure your contact information is easily seen, and never forget to create a clear CTA for your customers to follow. These steps will be key in redesigning your website. At PGN Agency, we understand it can be challenging to know where to start with your website design and we can help. Contact us by phone at (248)414-6860.