The holidays are a great time to boost your social media strategy to engage your customers, who might be spending more time online during the holiday season. People are looking on social media for gift ideas and great deals, so getting in on the mix is a good idea for many businesses. 

Strike while the iron is hot! With the right holiday social media strategy, you could boost holiday sales, engage new customers and – most importantly – spread holiday cheer. 

Social Media Marketing for the Holiday SeasonSeasonal social media marketing ideas

Hosting giveaways are popular for seasonal social media posts around the holidays because they allow customers to get a great deal on your products, check out new products and have the chance to “win” something. 

All people can use some help this time of year, and winning a product that someone on their wish list might appreciate is attractive to consumers.

Whether you host a holiday giveaway on Facebook or Instagram, users can “enter” the giveaway by leaving a comment – great for your engagement. Taking it a step further, if you have users enter by tagging a friend, that increases your brand awareness. 

In the same vein, if you offer a subscription-based service, having a “holiday special” on your product, say buy 6 months get 6 months free, could be a great way to reel in new customers and engage customers who have always wanted to sign up, but were holding back. 

It’s important to remember that consumers typically use social media to have fun and engage with their friends. As a brand, the holiday season offers many opportunities to get creative with a seasonal social media marketing campaign. You can create a holiday playlist, holiday gift recommendations, or offer holiday tips relating to the product you offer – like tips on holiday safety or seasonal decorating tips.

Offering a series of tips is a great way to break up your usual feed and can add a personal voice to your brand that customers can relate to.

We did this at PGN – check out our social media to learn our 12 Tips of Christmas! We wanted to offer our followers marketing tips, so gathered our best tips relating to all the services we offer at our agency.

Be careful of going overboard during the holiday seasonBe careful of going overboard during the holiday season

While there are many things you can do this holiday season, there are also many things you shouldn’t do. Don’t: 

  • Go overboard with giveaways – 1 is enough!
  • Send too many emails – Consumers are inundated with emails during the holiday season. Don’t annoy them!
  • Go in too early – If you begin your campaign too early, people won’t engage because they’ll think they still “have time.” 

Own these strategies the rest of the year

While the holiday season can be a crazy time for brands and businesses, make sure to remember what works for your audience during this time of year. Throughout the rest of the year, you can implement similar social media strategies to keep customers engaged. 

Whatever industry you serve, the holiday season offers all businesses on social media the chance to be creative and have fun!