Coke, or soda pop?

iPods, or MP3 players?

Mercedes-Benz, or luxury cars?

The list above should serve as an example of just how powerful branding can be. We can safely assume that as you read through the list, you had a stronger reaction to the first products mentioned than the second. The first products carry an association that’s familiar, and that they’re more valuable and noteworthy in comparison to the latter products. Yet the product is the same– Coke is just soda pop, and iPods are just MP3 players.

The power of branding is what makes these products stand out. Like it or not, customers judge companies by their appearances, images and first impressions. It’s what makes you reach for the Coke at the supermarket instead of the off-brand Cola.

Given the undeniable power of branding, it’s essential for businesses to consider what their brand says about their own company.

So What Does Your Brand Say About You?

When thinking about how your brand represents your business, there are a lot of important questions to consider. These aren’t always easy questions to answer, but the work is worth it.

●  Do consumers choose your products or services because they’re familiar with the name? Your brand can easily be the determining factor between whether they choose you or a competitor. Familiarity makes a huge impact on consumers’ decisions– and a strong brand will leave an impression that consumers will recognize later on.

●  What strengths or unique qualities does your brand promise? Every successful brand has to focus on a target market and a unique approach to selling their products. Marlboro built a strong brand-image with the Marlboro man, a tough, rugged figure in natural settings and a cigarette, appealing to men. Apple branded their Mac computers as a hip, more artistic alternative to Windows PCs. Starbucks marketed themselves as premier, gourmet coffee shops that were also socially conscious.

You can’t be everything and appeal to everyone at once: but you can pick a large target demographic and brand yourself to strongly appeal to certain individuals. How does your business differ from your competitors, and how does your brand reflect that?

How does your logo represent your brand? Your logo serves as something of an anchor for your brand. On all advertising and promotional products, your logo will (or should) be there. It’s the most effective method of tying marketing materials together, and is one of the best and easiest ways to get a consumer’s to recognize your brand. The Apple logo is simple and stylish– the Ferrari logo is classic and speaks to a tradition of years of excellence. How does your logo communicate your brand?

If you’d like assistance in refining your brand and leaving an impression on customers, then contact us today. PGN has over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing, meaning we’re highly qualified to craft a powerful brand for your business. By closely working with clients and learning the ins and outs of their businesses, we’re able to build brands like nobody else in the business. Give us a call today to take your brand to the next level.