More often than not, product packaging is a secondary consideration to the product itself. Companies devote countless hours to perfectly designing a product, making sure it offers the absolute best value for the money. After that, packaging can seem more like a necessary evil rather than anything important.

However, savvy marketers know that your packaging is more than a cardboard box or a mode of delivery. It’s a powerful tool to amplify your brand and build a connection with your audience. Your product packaging possesses one very unique asset: it provides you with an opportunity to give your customers a guaranteed sensory experience of both seeing and feeling.

Once someone buys your product, they have a tactile experience with the packaging — whether they’re thinking about it or not. In fact, their first impression will come from the packaging rather than the product! Before anyone sees your product, they’re looking at the box with your logo and brand name on it.

With that in mind, let’s explore some ways in which your product packaging can benefit you:

  1. It can distinguish you from the competition. The best thing a brand can have going for it is to stand out from the pack. Being different draws attention to your business and fosters brand loyalty. And regardless of your product, your packaging can be used to differentiate your business. Bags for burritos and soda cups are no exception.
  2. It can elevate the value of your product. Packaging has a dramatic effect on consumers’ perception of value. In 2000, the vice president of Domino’s reported that consumers’ in blind taste tests thought their pizza tasted great, but felt it was of lower quality when they saw it in a Domino’s box — ouch. The story illustrates a great point: value is not the quality of your product, it’s the perceived quality of your product. Product packaging is an effective way to create more value with the same product.
  3. It’s another ambassador for your brand. Like it or not, your packaging is another representative of your brand. Having professionally made packaging with an eye-catching, attractive logo builds brand awareness and ties the product inside strongly to your brand. It’s also a great place to put a slogan, ad copy, or anything else that will further immerse the buyer in your brand. Don’t let the opportunity go to waste.

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